Jane Goodall poses for a picture with an AU student after delivering a lecture at the School of International Service.

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Results of Graduation Census as of six months after graduation for May graduates from 2014—2016.

I would not have had these opportunities if I was at another university.

As a sophomore, I interned at the Democratic National Committee. Without AU, this experience would not have been possible and I am extremely thankful. The past intern in my department was the President of AU College Democrats and our boss was also an AU Alum! While at the DNC, I had the privilege to meet President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Michelle Obama. I would not have had these opportunities if I was at another university.

I learned the implications of policy on the lives of DCPS students.

Over the summer of 2016, I worked on the School Strategy and Logistics Team in the Office of the Chancellor for DC Public Schools (DCPS). I worked on a pilot program that places operations leaders at the highest levels in school to streamline the many operations pieces. I analyzed data on the program success as it relates to school culture, aided in training and onboarding, and presented recommendations on how to address operations around the District.