Students observe the recent solar eclipse on the quad

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Results of Graduation Census as of six months after graduation for May graduates from 2014—2016.

Proving Einstein Right

I was able to be part of the LIGO collaboration research.
The size of the AU physics department allows students to get involved in research early in their career. I began my research in Professor Harry's Gravity and Thermal Noise LIGO lab my sophomore year and was able to be a part of the LIGO collaboration research that recently led to the discovery of Gravitational Waves. Last June, we were published in the Classical and Quantum Gravity journal and asked to write a follow up for their website. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in physics here and I can’t wait to start a career doing what I love.

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The corner of 8th Street and Florida Avenue in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC.

In the Community ·

Building peace in DC’s Shaw neighborhood

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Craig Stevens

Achievements ·

American University Senior Craig Stevens Named a 2018 Marshall Scholar

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Professor in front of white screen, with the Onion and CMSI written on the wall.

Communications ·

A Laughing Matter: Comedy’s Role in Social Change

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Kogod FSIT Lab

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Where Future Financial Analysts Are Made

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illustration of police officers arresting someone and helping a child

American University Magazine American

A Force for Change

Police have the power to use force—it's Julie Ruhlin's job to determine how much is too much

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