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Career Center Sponsorship Request Form

The Career Center welcomes opportunities to sponsor and publicize on-campus programs. At this time, we do not sponsor off-campus activities or individual pursuits. If you seek Career Center sponsorship, read the descriptions below and on the first page of the sponsorship form check the type of request that best fits your needs.

Sponsorship Types & Eligibility

To be eligible for Career Center sponsorship:
  • The program must be led by a group recognized by Student Activities or an AU Office/Department
  • The program must be open to and inclusive of the whole AU community
  • The program must align with the Center's mission and vision

Consider which of the following sponsorships best fits your needs. For any sponsorship, the Career Center logo must appear on publicity materials:




Marketing assistance only

Marketing & Financial Assistance

Planning and implementation with the help of Career Center staff (includes marketing & potential financial assistance).

Notification required
2 Weeks Before Event

Notification required
3 Weeks Before Event

Notification required
4 Weeks Before Event

*Amounts up to $100 may be awarded to those who meet the above criteria and complete the required fields below. Group may be reimbursed after submitting receipts/documentation of costs.

Sponsorship Request Form

Please fill out the form below.

Is your room reservation confirmed through University Event Scheduling (UES)?
Facebook event or other web link.

How does your organization plan to advertise or market the event (flyers, Facebook, Today@AU, etc.)?

If you seek financial assistance, please list all anticipated expenses and how much your organization/department plans to cover (supplies, flyers, food, contract costs, etc.).

Please input your organization's financial contribution to your event.

Please put the amount you would like the CC to contribute. If no CC contribution is needed, please put 0 or n/a.

If requesting financial sponsorship, please supply your group's five-digit budget number. If the money is not spent by your group for the event as planned, it will be refunded to the Career Center.

Please list other co-sponsors and their financial contributions.