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University College Class Listens to U.S. Senator Speak on Current Issues

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks at the Heritage foundation

By Greg Tenor, former UC student.

Just a week before the government shutdown, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) gained a lot of publicity after his recent 21 hour speech on the Senate floor, so it was rewarding for one UC class to hear the Senator speak at the Heritage Foundation, one of our nation's most prestigious think tanks.

UC U.S. Politics students had the opportunity to hear Senator Cruz discuss his views regarding  the constitutional role of the Senate, and how much our Government should be confined by international law. Whether or not students agreed with the Senator, the class was fascinated to hear him speak.

"With the topic in general, whether the US should be confined by international law, it is interesting to see someone so outspoken", explained Madeline Lichtfuss, U.S. Politics student.

Students also had the chance to hear from a legal professor, Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz, discuss the scope of treaty power.

"We were surrounded by a lot of affluent people and it was a great way to hear a different opinion than my own", stated Madeline.

This lab, and several others throughout the UC program, provide a way for students to interact with officials who have an extreme impact on the direction our nation is taking.

"The labs I've been to this year have all been really cool, and they are a great way to take advantage of DC but in an easier way".

Previously this semester, the UC U.S. Politics class heard from Presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama discuss the impact of the "I Have a Dream" speech on civil rights issues today. Other sites this class has visited include Capitol Hill, the Library of Congress and the Newseum.