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About the College | Adjunct Faculty Support

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences at American University. Our Dean, Peter Starr, has written a Welcome Letter especially for our new adjunct faculty.

Please browse the page or use the jump links below to review the following sections:


Getting Started

In order for you to begin employment with American University, the Federal Government requires that you complete an I-9 and tax forms. This must be done within the first 3 days of your start date of employment. Please visit the Office of Human Resources to complete your forms.

As an employee of American University, you will need to set up a account: please see account-creation info. This account will allow you to then get your AU email address and access important online information for courses. Please use this link. Another helpful resource is OIT's Accounts FAQ.

Adjunct faculty on a J-1 visa will need to report to the International Student and Scholar Services office to check in and to present proof of health insurance. ISSS requests that you set up your myau.american account before visiting their office: please see J-1 Visitor Overview. In addition, you will need to meet with an International Payroll Specialist in the Office of Payroll to complete your I-9 and tax forms.

In addition to your online accounts, you will need an AU ID for identification purposes and to access many university resources.

Once you begin teaching at American University, you will want to be aware of your payment schedule. Each semester has a different payment schedule which includes six biweekly payments for all fall and spring courses. Summer courses are normally paid as four biweekly payments. The current payment schedule is available on the Payroll website

As part of your appointment letter from the Dean of Academic Affairs, Human Resources mailed you a copy of their Welcome Packet (PDF).

The university offers free parking to adjunct faculty actively teaching at American University. Each semester you must report to Parking Services in order to keep a valid parking sticker. If you do not plan to park on campus and would rather take public transportation, AU offers Shuttle Service to and from the metro.

As a new member of the university community, it is important for you to find your way to classes and offices: please see AU Maps & Directions, including 3-D Campus Map. Additionally, you may wish to contact various department/program offices in the College and around campus.



The university posts the Academic Calendar and Exam Schedule online for easy access. Please make sure to check it each semester so you know the important dates for your courses.

As you begin to build your syllabi for your courses, you may wish to access Celebrating Teaching at American University: Best Practices (PDF, pgs. 7-26) to assist you in creating your syllabus and on general teaching.

As a faculty member, you will need to place book adoptions/orders. To order your books, you will need to submit information through the online site for the university bookstore. Please contact your department or the University Bookstore for your instructions and password. is a valuable resource for your courses. The site's grading section allows you to access course rosters, submit final grades, submit change of grades, and view/post incomplete grades.

College faculty are strongly encouraged to use Blackboard for your classes. Blackboard can be used for posting your syllabus and assignments, sharing documents, communicating through discussion boards as well as posting grades using an electronic gradebook. 

When a course is completely filled, a waitlist is created for the course. Students may approach you to be added to the course but they must instead sign up for the waitlist.

Sometimes a faculty member may want to use a copy of student work to show as an example. The Department of Literature has developed a student work permission form (PDF) for this purpose. 

After a course, you will want to access your Student Evaluations (SETs). This can be done through Eagledata using your myau.american login and password. Here you can view all your evaluations plus college and department mean scores.


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The Office of Information Technology offers support services for online university resources. You can also request technology services and equipment through Audio Visual Services.

The university offers a wireless network with information about connecting remotely, accessing the configuration instructions, and FAQ. 


Campus Resources

The Center for Teaching, Research & Learning (CTRL) is a valuable resource for new and current faculty. Contact the center for additional information and assistance.

Each year, the CTRL offers the Ann S. Ferren Teaching Conference. The conference is open to all faculty and includes presentations, discussions, and workshops. CTRL also offers Teaching, Research and Learning Workshops.

CTRL also offers faculty the opportunity to obtain a Green Teaching Certificate and site with comprehensive information about green teaching.

The College of Arts and Sciences has a team of academic counselors to advise undergraduate students. If a student contacts you for assistance, it is helpful to refer them to the counselors. 

The College offers a Writing Center which can be a valuable resource for students and faculty. Students can make appointments to meet with consultants to help them improve their writing skills. In addition, they offer faculty various resources from handouts to classroom visits.

The University Library offers numerous resources for faculty including Instructional Support, Research Support, and Collection Development. In addition, you can reserve books for your students to review for your classes and participate in Interlibrary Loan for books that may not be available on hand at American University.

Academic Support Center can be a valuable resource for your students. The center offers a writing lab, peer tutoring, and supplemental instruction. They are resources for all students including international students, student-athletes, and those with learning disabilities. 


Important Policies

As a faculty member, it is important to be aware of current policies within the university and college. The list of university policies can be found on the University Policies main page and the College of Arts & Sciences maintains its own Information, Policies and Documents page.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires the confidentiality of student records. See the AU FERPA page to learn more and to access the FERPA Guide for Faculty and online tutorial.

In 2010, the College instituted a set Office Hours Policy (PDF) for faculty: each faculty member must hold two hours of office hours per week for every course they teach in a semester.

The university has set up an Emergency Preparedness site to assist the university community in emergency situations. As a member of the AU community, you can sign up to receive text and email alerts in case of an emergency through AU Alerts. You can also call 202-885-1100 for weather-related closing or delay info.

The University and College have a strict policy that only full-time faculty can teach a student in an Independent Study or Internship. Only under rare circumstances can a one-time special exception be made for a part-time faculty member to teach one of these courses.

Academic Integrity is extremely important in the University and College. For questions and assistance please see Academic Integrity materials.

As part of the Academic Integrity, the university has a Conduct of Classes Policy — see Academic Regulations — that every faculty member should be aware of for their classes.

The university provides a website devoted to Learning Outcomes and Assessment, serving as a tool for faculty and students to learn more about the expected learning outcomes program at AU.

Occasionally full-time staff will teach as adjuncts: the university policy is that for each semester they teach their supervisor must give written approval, regardless of whether the course is evening or daytime. If the course is during business hours, the staff member must either use vacation time to teach the course or make up the time missed during the week it is missed through a prearranged schedule with their supervisor that is reported in writing to human resources.

The university limits the maximum number of courses that a part-time faculty member can teach. The university policy is that an adjunct can only teach two courses in a semester with a maximum of three courses in any twelve month period.


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