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Anthropology | Master's Program Mission Statement

The MA Program in Public Anthropology prepares students in archaeology and cultural/social anthropology for careers in public service, community organizing and social advocacy. Through coursework, research projects and internship experiences, students explore the workings of culture, power and history in everyday life and acquire skills in critical inquiry, problem solving and public communication. Coursework in related fields—Sociology, Public History, Education, International Development, Justice, Law and Society—enhances these perspectives and skills. Program graduates are prepared for employment in the DC area, other US locations and international settings. They work with projects in such areas as cultural resource management, women's and minority health, educational equity, refugee resettlement, human rights and environmental justice.

MA students may focus their graduate studies in Cultural/Social Anthropology or in Archaeology. Both concentrations combine classroom and experiential/field-based learning activities as appropriate for each student's career plans and political goals. Pathways after graduation will range widely and include working as researchers, public intellectuals, community leaders, and grassroots organizers. All graduates will be prepared to engage the possibilities of anthropological theory and method for illuminating social problems, past and present, articulating social justice, and building social change. The GRE is required, and scores should be sent directly to the department.