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Public Anthropology Conference | Archives 2008

Supporting Social Movements:
5th Annual Conference, 2008

Post-Conference Wrap
From Professor David Vine
Thank you to everyone who attended the Supporting Social Movements conference and helped make it such a success.

In the wake of the election and the movement of millions that shaped its outcome, we are extremely hopeful about the opportunity facing progressive social movements to build a more just, equitable, and peaceful world. We hope that the conference plays a part in this broader movement for social change, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Conference Events

To review the conference events, please see overview below or the fully detailed 2008 Agenda (pdf).

Friday, Oct 31

Panel & Breakouts

Beyond the Ivory Tower: Communicating with Non-Academic Audiences

Skills Workshop: Participatory and Collaborative Research Strategies

The Militarization of Anthropology?: Anthropologists and the Military

Skills Workshop: Toolkit for Storytelling—Visual Anthropology and the Arts


Saturday, Nov 1

Panel & Breakouts

Climate Justice:
Anthropological Activism and Contributions

Research and Activism:
Bolivia, Lithuania, and Israel/Palestine

The University and Social Movements:
Possibilities and Perils

Trans Activism, Theory-building, Social Justice

Immigration Reform and “Jose Crow”:
Organizing and Public Policy

Participatory and Collaborative Research Strategies in Action:
From Florida to New Orleans

Strengthening the Anti-Sexual Violence Movements

Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists

Election Organizing:
Canvassing, Carpooling, and Getting Out the Vote


Keynote Address

Laura Nader,
Strategies of Subordination—In Reverse


Roundtable/Audience Discussion:

War, the Election, and Activism’s Future
with Jared A. Ball, Laura Nader, Alan Rosenblatt, Jose N. Vasquez, and Emira Woods



Day of the Dead Party

Laura Nader giving keynote address at AU Public Anthropology Conference, 2008

2008 Keynote

The 2008 conference's standing room-only keynote address was delivered by Laura Nader, Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley:

Laura Nader,
Strategies of Subordination—In Reverse