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2014 Conference
"Violence, Resilience, and Resistance"

See the 2014 Conference Archive including conference abstracts and schedule.


2013 Conference
PAC @ 10: A Decade of Resistance

See the 2013 Conference Archive including keynote address video: Faye Harrison, "Building Networks, Coalitions, and Publics for Anthropological Praxis."


2012 Conference
Does Government Matter?

See the 2012 Conference Archive including keynote speaker videos: Cynthia Enloe, "What does a Feminist Investigation of Post-War Life look like?" and Randall McGuire, "Archaeology as Activism."

2011 Conference
(Re)Defining Power: Paradigms of Praxis

See all 2011 PAC Highlights, including keynote address video: Max Forte, "Beyond Public Anthropology: Approaching Zero."
See also: Public Anthropology (Re) Defines Power


2010 Conference
Revolutions! Building Emancipatory
Politics & Action

See the 2010 Conference Program and 2010 Film Festival Schedule & Abstracts.
See also: "Revolutions!” Conference Welcomes All

2009 Conference
Advancing Social Justice in Times of Crisis

See the 2009 Conference Program.
See also: Sixth Annual Public Anthropology Conference


2008 Conference
Supporting Social Movements

See the 2008 Conference Program including a podcast of keynote speaker Laura Nader, "Strategies of Subordination—In Reverse."

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8th Annual PAC