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Anthropology | Thesis


Graduate students, undertaking their theses and dissertations, embark upon the culminating research experience of their degree programs.  The written thesis or dissertation reflects their commitment to scholarship and creative endeavor.  After publication, the thesis or dissertation reflects the quality of research contributions made by American University.

Responsibilities, requirements, and procedures for the preparation and submission of theses and dissertations are described in this guide, which complements the assistance given to students by their advisory committees and their schools or colleges.  It is intended to be used in conjunction with Publishing Your Dissertation or Publishing Your Thesis issued by University Microfilms, Inc. (UMI) which publishes in microformat all theses and dissertations approved by American University.  For additional information, student writers of theses and dissertations should consult the designated advisors in their schools and colleges.

Many individuals have contributed to the development of the guide.  Special appreciation goes to: 

George Arnold, University Archivist, Library
Mary Barton, Manager, Graduate Program, SIS
Gary Bossert, Office Manager, Library
Donald Bunis, University Registrar
Janice Flug, Acquisitions Librarian, Library
Laura Langbein, Professor, SPA
Kathleen Lavery, Reference Assistant, Library
Jeffrey McCafferty, Special Assistant, Provost’s Office
Mary Mintz, Senior Reference Librarian, Library
Sue Neilson, Cataloging Librarian, Library
John Richardson, Professor, SIS
Kendra Rowe, Reference Assistant, Library
Russell Stone, Associate Dean, CAS
Patricia Wand, University Librarian
Jamie Wyatt, Administrative Coordinator, CAS