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Connections Features, Fall 2013

Connecting the Arts and Sciences
Department of Performing Arts incorporating science in this year’s programs

Out of Africa
Archaeologist Chap Kusimba studies ancient trade routes and connections

Rothfeld Collection of Contemporary Israeli Art
First display of works donated by Donald Rothfeld at AU Museum

Going Global
ITEP director Cynthia Miller-Idriss comparing global dimensions of education

The Games People Play
Computer science professor Michael Treanor explores the role of video games

Full Speed Ahead
Physics and math major Travis Volz finds his passion while working on a Swiss particle collider

Ode to Joy
Award-winning music student Allie Martin making her mark as a violinist

Hunting for the Truth
Anthropology alum Rodolfo Tello unravels a mystery about the Wachiperi of Peru

Arts and Minds
Art history graduate student Lily Sehn finds social meaning in art works

You Can Go Home Again
Oral history takes Angela Modany back to Ohioville, Pennsylvania

Connections, the official magazine of American University's College of Arts and Sciences, provides a look into recent developments in the departments and programs, faculty and student highlights, and new directions for the college. If you would like to receive a paper copy of Connections or suggest a story, please e-mail

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