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Economics | Syllabi

Spring 2009 Course Syllabi

If a particular syllabus is not available, please contact the professor for a copy.


Undergraduate-Level Courses

ECON-100.001: Macroeconomics, Provencher

ECON-100.002: Macroeconomics, Sonenshine

ECON-100.003: Macroeconomics, Floro

ECON-100.004: Macroeconomics, Pacitti

ECON-100.006H: Macroeconomics, Callahan

ECON-100.007: Macroeconomics, Kim

ECON-100.008: Macroeconomics, Floro

ECON-100.009: Macroeconomics, Davis

ECON-100.010: Macroeconomics, Gunter

ECON-110.001: The Global Majority, Winters

ECON-200.001: Microeconomics, Park

ECON-200.002: Microeconomics, Lin

ECON-200.003H: Microeconomics, Reynolds

ECON-200.004H: Microeconomics, Feinberg

ECON-200.005: Microeconomics, Sonenshine

ECON-200.006: Microeconomics, Hazilla

ECON-200.008: Microeconomics, Hazilla

ECON-200.009H: Microeconomics, Meurs

ECON-200.010: Microeconomics, Lerman

ECON-200.014: Microeconomics, Lin

ECON-300.001: Intermediate Microeconomics, Feinberg

ECON-300.002: Intermediate Microeconomics, Hazilla

ECON-301.001: Intermediate Macroeconomics, Callahan

ECON-301.002: Intermediate Macroeconomics, Joharji

ECON-318.001: Economic History, Wisman

ECON-322.001: Intro to Econometrics, Husted

ECON-358/658.001: The Arab Economies, Willoughby

ECON-358/658.002: Financial Issues in Latin America, Porzecanski

ECON-363.001: Macroeconomics of Econ Devel,Sawers

ECON-370/670.001: International Economics,Muller

ECON-371.001: International Economics: Trade, Reynolds

ECON-396/696.001: Econ Pol Analys for Emer Mark Economies,Whitney

ECON-396/696.002: Poverty, Ineq & Soc Pol Microeconomics, Lerman


Graduate-Level Courses

ECON-500.001: Microeconomics, Bono

ECON-501.001: Macroeconomics, Meade

ECON-505.001: Introduction to Mathematical Economics, Isaac

ECON-541.001: Public economics I, Stotsky

ECON-552.001: Economics of Transition, Meurs

ECON-575.001: Gender Persp Econ Anlys:Macro, Grown

ECON-596.001: Int'l Finance and Emerging Markets,Porzecanski

ECON-603.001: Intro to Economy Theory, Mathur

ECON-618.001: Economic History:Europe/World, Willoughby

ECON-630.001: Monetary Economics, Starr

ECON-633.001: Financial Economics, Callahan

ECON-658/358.001: The Arab Economy, Willoughby

ECON-658/358.002: Financial Issues in Latin America, Porzecanski

ECON-661.001: Survey of Economic Development, Sawers

ECON-663.001: Development of Macroeconomics, Stotsky

ECON-665.001: Proj. Eval in Devel Countries, Winters

ECON-670/370.001: Survey of Inter'l Econ, Muller

ECON-672.001: Inter'l Economics: Finance,Isaac

ECON-696/396.001: Policy Analy for Emerging Markets,Withney

ECON-696/396.002: Poverty, Inequality and Soc Pol, Lerman

ECON-696.004: Res Econ for Devl Countries, Mathur

ECON-702.001: Macroeconomic AnalysisI, Starr

ECON-711.001: Macro Political Economy, Blecker

ECON-713.001: Microeconomic AnalysisII, Bono

ECON-723.001: Econometric Method, Golan

ECON-783.001: Sem:Empirical Microeconomics, Golan

ECON-797.001: Masters Thesis Seminar, Blecker