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Info-Metrics Institute | Workshop, Spring 2010

Info-Metrics in the Natural Sciences and
Its Implications for the Social Sciences

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Workshop Objectives

Following the inaugural workshop that laid out the foundation of info-metrics and information processing across the sciences, the objective of this workshop is to lay out the basics of info-metrics in the natural sciences, study the state of information-theoretic estimation and data analysis in some areas of the natural sciences, discuss some of the basic philosophy of information processing, and then discuss the implications of info-metrics in the natural sciences to the social sciences in general and to economics, econometrics and finance in particular.


Review 2010 Workshop Proceedings, including presenters' materials.

Program Committee

Anil Bera (U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Ariel Caticha
(SUNY Albany)
Amos Golan (American U.), Chair
Raphael D. Levine (The Hebrew U.)
Robin Lumsdaine (American U.)
Esfandiar (Essie) Maasoumi (Emory U.)

Confirmed Speakers/Discussants

Ariel Caticha (SUNY Albany)
Entropic Dynamics
Duncan K. Foley (New School for Social Research and Santa Fe Inst.)
Nicholas M. Kiefer (Cornell)
Raphael D. Levine (The Hebrew U.)
Maximal Entropy Inference of Oncogenicity
Esfandiar Maasoumi (Emory U.)
Douglas Miller (U. Missouri - Columbia)
Pieter Adriaans (U. Amsterdam)
Philosophy of Information
Steve Pincus
Info-Metrics in Medicine and Biology
Nozer Singpurwalla (George Washington U)
David Wolpert (NASA)
Using Self-dissimilarity to Quantify Complexity
Additional Material

April 27, 2010 at American University

US Comptroller of the Currency
AU College of Arts & Sciences