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Info-Metrics Institute | Workshop Proceedings, October 2011

Proceedings: Philosophy of Information

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Welcoming Remarks

Peter Starr, Dean of the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, American University

Info-Metrics and Workshop’s Objectives

Amos Golan (American U.)


Session I

Chair: Nathan Harshman (American U)
The Quantum Origin of New Information presentation
David Oliver
(Meadows of Dan, Virginia, USA)


Session II

Chair: Anthony F. Beavers (U. of Evansville)
Information Closure and the Sceptical Objection
Luciano Floridi
(Oxford U. and U. Hertfordshire)


Session III

Chair: Robin Lumsdaine (American U)
Contradictory Information: Better than Nothing presentation
J. Michael Dunn
(Indiana U. Bloomington)


Session IV

Chair and Discussant: Eric Renault (Brown U.)
Facticity and the quest for meaningful information presentation
Pieter Adriaans
(U. Amsterdam)

Notes on facticity and effective complexity presentation
Duncan Foley (New School for Social Research and Santa Fe Inst.) and David Oliver (Meadows of Dan, Virginia, USA)
(U. Amsterdam)


Session V

Chair: Robert Lerman (American U., Urban Institute)
Information and Entropy in a Bayesian Framework presentation
Ariel Caticha
(SUNY Albany) 


Session VI

Chair: Richard Scheines (Carnegie Mellon)
Useful Information presentation
Luis Antunes (Porto U., Portugal)


Round Table – Info-Metrics: Information Processing across the Sciences

Moderator: Pieter Adriaans (U. Amsterdam)
Anthony F. Beavers (U. of Evansville) presentation
Luciano Floridi (Oxford U. and U. Hertfordshire)
Aidan Lyon (UMD)
Brian Ziebart (Carnegie Mellon) presentation