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Info-Metrics Institute | Workshop Program, 2011 May

Info-Metrics Across the Sciences

All events on May 2
at American University's Ward Building, Room 2
(Note that 6:00 Reception located in the Butler Board Room)


8:00-9:00 AM Registration-Coffee-Refreshments

9:00-9:10 AM Welcoming Remarks

Cornelius M. Kerwin, President, American University


9:10-9:20 AM Info-Metrics and Workshop’s Objectives

Amos Golan (American U.)


9:25-10:10 AM Session I

Chair: David Wolpert (NASA)
Classical Correlations, Quantum Correlations, and Magical Correlations
Nathan L. Harshman
(Physics; American U.)


10:15-11:15 AM Session II

Chair: Robert Lerman (American U. and Urban Institute)
Whose Entropy?
Raphael D. Levine
(Chemistry and Biochemistry, Molecular and Medical Pharmacology; The Hebrew U. and UCLA)
Discussant: Amos Golan (American U.)


11:15-11:30 AM Coffee Break

11:30-12:15 PM Session III

Chair: Nicholas M. Kiefer (Cornell)
Inferring Multivariate Interaction Models from Empirical Data
Ilya Nemenman
(Physics and Biology; Emory U.)


12:15-1:15 PM Lunch (Provided)


1:15-2:15 PM Session IV

Chair and Discussant: James Bono (American U.)
An Entropic Framework for Modeling Economies
Ariel Caticha
(Physics; SUNY Albany)
(Joint with A. Golan)


2:15-3:00 PM Session V

Chair: Pieter Adriaans (U. Amsterdam)
Why are the Data Too Good to be True?
Teddy Seidenfeld
(Philosophy and Statistics; Carnegie Mellon)  


3:00-3:15 PM Coffee Break


3:15-4:00 PM Session VI

Chair: Robin Lumsdaine (American U.)
Inferring Lifetime Distributions from Kinetics by Maximizing Entropy Using a Bootstrapped Model
Peter J. Steinbach
(Center for Molecular Modeling; Center for Information Technology; NIH)


4:00-4:45 PM Session VII

Chair: Ximing Wu (Texas A & M)
Entropy Maximization and Distributions of Money, Income, and Energy Consumption in the Market Economy
Victor Yakovenko
(Physics; U. Md. College Park)


4:45-5:00 PM Coffee Break


5:00-6:15 PM Round Table – Info-Metrics: Information Processing across the Sciences

Moderator: Pieter Adriaans (U. Amsterdam)
William Greene (NYU)
Nicholas M. Kiefer (Cornell)
Robin Lumsdaine (American U.)
John Rust (U Md. College Park)
David Wolpert (NASA)


6:15 -7:30 PM Reception

(Butler Boardroom)