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ITEP | Program Overview

Program Overview

ITEP students Fall 2014 cohort







The International Training and Education Program (ITEP) is a multi-disciplinary master’s program that focuses on education in a variety of global and cross-cultural settings. Our students have interests as diverse as the internationalization of higher education, cultural exchange through outdoor leadership, integration of formal education and Islamic schools in Niger, and study abroad advising for students with disabilities.  Our program encourages students to create a program of study that focuses on their own interests, bringing their international experiences into their research papers in all of their courses. While their required courses are structured, students can take elective courses within the School of Education or in other Schools across American University and even at other Consortium Universities, which further offers students a means of developing a multi-disciplinary course load. 

The core courses focus on combining a strong theoretical background in the foundations and practice of education with solid skills and experiences in areas such as policy formulation, program design and management, training, and inter-cultural learning. This is a 36-credit program and most students finish in 2 years. All required core courses and the majority of elective courses take place in the evening. Most ITEP students work either part-time or full-time while completing their studies. There are 24 credit hours (eight courses) of core, required courses, and 12 credit hours of electives (4 courses). A mandatory capstone class rounds off their ITEP experience and gives students a chance to create their own original research or program.

ITEP gives the option of four concentrations as a sampling of the greater field of international education, but students are welcome to combine concentrations or delve into something else that may more closely align with their career trajectory. International Development Education, International Exchange and Study Abroad, Global Health, and Global Education are just a few options of study focus from which students can choose.  Each student works closely with the faculty and staff to create a program of study tailored to their specific interests and experiences.

ITEP strives for a diverse student population, not only in their ancestry but also by bringing international experiences from the four corners of the globe and sharing these cultural exchanges in the classroom conversation. All students have at least 6 months of experience living abroad, many speak several languages, and quite a few are Return Peace Corps Volunteers, as well as Fulbright and JET program alumni. Students can get up to 6 credits waived for volunteer service abroad and ITEP offer some advanced credit for other overseas teaching and volunteer programs (minimum of one year).

ITEP is the only graduate program in the field of international education with a focus on cross-cultural and global training. ITEP’s training focus is unique in the field globally. Students are required to take a basic course on training and facilitation and we offer advanced courses in training skills as well as specialized skills institutes to prepare students for training in diverse contexts, online contexts, etc. Many of our alumni work in the training field helping to train teachers globally or facilitate cross-cultural training in non-profits and universities, or in training positions for the U.S. State Department, Foreign Service, or INGOs. This preparation of skilled practitioners in training and facilitation in diverse, cross-cultural contexts is in high demand by employers. This training and facilitation focus applies equally to students entering development (alumni train teachers in the Global South) as well as those entering the cross-cultural exchange side (alumni develop trainings for study abroad returnees).

ITEP faculty believe we are here to help train future leaders in the field to ask the “big questions” and think outside the box (and not just evaluate and implement other people’s ideas). ITEP offers examples of this in its bi-annual Global Education Forum, which brings a panel of practitioners and faculty together to discuss trends and current issues in international education and asks questions of how universities can address these challenges and what faculty need to implement to foster awareness and skills in students to address big issues.

Both returning Peace Corps volunteers and JET alumni are eligible for up to a six credit waiver. Credit waivers for other international teaching experience through Fulbright or other programs are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

ITEP is currently recruiting students for Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 admission. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Application information can be found at CAS graduate admissions.
Admission is on a rolling basis, however,the submission deadline for merit award consideration is February 1st.

The GRE is no longer required.

Students interested in learning about ITEP are invited to attend the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Studies Open Houses. One open house is offered in each fall and spring semester. CAS is also happy to schedule campus visits for any individuals who are unable to attend an open house. For specific program questions or to sit in on an evening ITEP class, email the ITEP Graduate Assistant at

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ITEP Office Address

International Training and Education Program
School of Education
Spring Valley Building
4801 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Room 476
Washington, DC 20016

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Virtual Open Houses

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Simply Equal Education

ITEP master’s students run Simply Equal Education nonprofit benefiting West African schools.

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Beyond the Classroom

Anna Claire Eddington, ITEP 2015

Anna Claire Eddington, ITEP 2015, on alpaca at the base of Mt. Ausangate, Peru while collecting data for her Capstone project.

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