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Matthew Hartings

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry

  • Matthew Hartings is striving to develop new uses for metals in biological systems. He currently oversees two research projects—the first entails designing metal-based anti-cancer drugs, and the second involves creating artificial photosynthetic proteins transform harmful greenhouse gases into useful chemicals.

    For a more detailed description, see the Hartings group website.
  • Degrees

    PhD, Chemistry, Northwestern University
    BS, Chemistry, Physics, University of Dayton

  • CAS - Chemistry
  • Beeghly - 308

  • (202) 885-1778 (Office)
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Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Selected Publications


·    Hartings, Matthew R.; Fahy, D. Communicating Chemistry for Public Engagement Nature Chemistry 2011, 3, 674-677.

·    Hartings, Matthew R.; Kurnikov, Igor V.; Dunn, Adam R.; Winkler, Jay R.; Gray, Harry B.; Ratner, Mark A. Electron tunneling through sensitizer wires bound to proteins Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2010, 245(3-4), 248-253.

·    Barker, Kylie D.; Eckermann, Amanda L.; Sazinsky, Matthew H.; Hartings, Matthew R.; Abajian, Carnie; Georganopoulou, Dmitra; Ratner, Mark A.; Rosenzweig, Amy C.; Meade, Thomas J. Protein binding and the electronic properties of iron(II) complexes: an electrochemical and optical investigation of outer sphere effects Bioconjugate Chemistry 2009, 20(10), 1930-1939.

·    Hartings, Matthew R., Gray, Harry B.; Winkler, Jay R. Probing melittin helix-coil equilibria in solutions and vesicles. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2008, 112, 3202-3207.

·    Eckermann, Amanda L.; Barker, Kylie; Hartings, Matthew R; Ratner, Mark A.; Meade, Thomas J. Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of a transition-metal-modified ligand-receptor pair. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2005, 127, 11880-11881.

·    Damsbo; Martin; Kinnear, Brian S.; Hartings, Matthew R., Ruhoff, Peder T.; Jarrold, Martin F.; Ratner, Mark A. Application of evolutionary algorithm methods to polypeptide folding: Comparison with experimental results for unsolvated Ac-(Ala-Gly-Gly)5-Lys+H+. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2004, 101, 7215-7222.

·    Hartings, Matthew R.; Kinnear, Brian S.; Jarrold, Martin F. The energy landscape of unsolvated peptides: the role of context in the stability of alanine/glycine helices. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2003, 125, 3941-3947.

·    Kinnear, Brian S.; Hartings, Matthew R.; Jarrold, Martin F. The energy landscape of unsolvated peptides: helix formation and cold denaturation in Ac-Ala4-Gly7-Ala4+H+. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2002, 124, 4422-4431.

·    Kinnear, Brian S.; Hartings, Matthew R.; Jarrold, Martin F. Helix unfolding in unsolvated peptides. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2001, 123, 5660-5667.

·    Bisson, Scott E.; Armstrong Karla M.; Kulp, Thomas J.; Hartings, Matthew R. Broadly tunable, mode-hop-tuned cw optical parametric oscillator based on periodically poled lithium niobate Applied Optics 2001, 40(33), 6094-6055.

·    Oomens, Jos; Bisson, Scott E.; Hartings, Matthew R .; Kulp, Thomas J.; Harren, Frans J. M. New laser sources for photoacoustic trace gas detection with applications in biomedical science. Proceedings SPIE (Biomedical Optoacoustics) Ed. Oraevsky, AA 2000, 1(10), 295-300.



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