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Shaghaf Hazimeh Glueck

Professorial Lecturer
World Languages and Cultures

  • Professor Hazimeh Glueck was an OPI Trainer and Text Typology Trainer for DLI faculty in Monterey and Maryland. She co-authored the OPI Handbook at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA from 1983-2005, and The Non OPI training Manual at DLI. She trained DLI teachers and faculty on text typology and OPI, and trained STG employees on teaching reading, and listening and speaking. She edited DLPT4 and DLPT5 at DLI. She also was a Chairperson for MENA Department at DLI, Branch Chief for MENA, then a Team Leader for the Arabic Department 2006-07 at STG in Maryland. Professor Hazimeh Glueck continues to be a tester for the FBI and ACTFL.
  • Degrees

    MS, University of Southern Mississippi
    MA, William Carey College, Hattiesburg, MS
  • Languages Spoken:

    Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German

  • CAS-World Lang and Cultures
  • Jack Child Hall - 105
  • M,W,Th: 12pm - 1:00pm and by appointment

  • (202) 885-6348 (Office)
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    news story, call AU Communications
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  • Summer 2015

    • ARAB-025 Graduate Audit: Arabic: Advanced Arabic I
    • Description

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Executive Experience

Managed 18 languages at DLI and all the faculty teaching in MD

Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

  • Provost Award at DLI ACTFL, FBI OPI Tester for Arabic

Professional Certifications

  • OPI Tester, ACTFL and FBI Arabic Tester
  • Was a member of the Federal Women’s Program at DLI; became the secretary then the  Federal Women’s Vice Chair.


  • Recoded  announcements at Royal Jordanian airlines.
  • Recorded test Items for DLPT and Levantine Dialect DLPT Test and The diagnostic assessment film used at Continuing education School at DLI, Monterey, CA.


  • Performed on Language days at DLI and at HCC in Columbia MD Summer of 08.

Selected Publications

  • "The Customer is our Business at Royal Jordanian Airlines", Amman, Jordan 1986-7
  • OPI Handbook for Testers and The OPI handbook for Non Testers 2000

Professional Presentations

  • Several presentations on Text Typology and Teaching Speaking, Reading and Listening at DLI on Professional Days and Language days from 1998-2005

Media Appearances

  • Appeared at Hattiesburg TV in 1983 after winning first place for singing at the International Festival held in MIssissippi

Professional Services

Translated English and Arabic texts. She also worked as an Interpreter at Johns Hopkins Hospital from 2006-2008 in the International Office at JHP in Baltimore, MD