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Paul Winters

Professor Department of Economics

Professor Winters’ research interests include impact evaluation of development projects, rural poverty, migration and remittances, fertility, cash transfer programs in developing countries, rural livelihood strategies, tourism and smallholder agriculture. His regional focus is primarily in Latin America with some recent research in Africa. His teaching fields include development microeconomics, project evaluation and environmental economics.


PhD, Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California at Berkeley, 1996
Master of Arts, Economics, University of California at San Diego, 1992
Bachelor of Arts, Non-Western Studies, University of San Diego, 1988

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CAS - Economics
Kreeger - 118
Wednesday & Friday afternoons by appointment
Contact Info
(202) 885-3792

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Selected Publications

González-Flores, Mario, Boris E. Bravo-Ureta, Daniel Solís and Paul Winters. (2014) “The impact of high value markets on smallholder productivity in the Ecuadorean Sierra: A Stochastic Production Frontier approach correcting for selectivity bias.” Food Policy 44: 237-247.

Boone, Ryan, Katia Covarrubias, Benjamin Davis and Paul Winters. (2013) “Cash transfer programs and agricultural production: The Case of Malawi.” Agricultural Economics 44: 365-378.

Winters, Paul, Leonardo Corral and Adela Moreda Mora. (2013) “Assessing the Role of Tourism in Poverty Alleviation: A Research Agenda.” Development Policy Review 31 (2): 177-202.

Gonzalez-Flores, Mario, Maria Heracleous and Paul Winters. (2012) “Leaving the Safety Net: An Analysis of Dropouts in an Urban Conditional Cash Transfer Program.” World Development 40(12): 2505-2521.

Lipper, Leslie, Romina Cavatassi and Paul Winters. (2012) “Seed supply in local markets: supporting sustainable use of crop genetic resources.” Environment and Development Economics 17(5): 507-521.

Cavatassi, Romina, Leslie Lipper and Paul Winters. (2012) “Sowing the seeds of social relations: Social capital and agricultural diversity in Hararghe Ethiopia.” Environment and Development Economics 17(5): 547-578.

Salazar, Lina and Paul Winters. (2012) “The impact of seed market access and transaction costs on potato biodiversity and yields in Bolivia.” Environment and Development Economics 17(5): 633-661.

Covarrubias, Katia, Benjamin Davis and Paul Winters. (2012) “From Protection to Production: Productive Impacts of the Malawi Social Cash Transfer Scheme.” Journal of Development Effectiveness, 4(1): 50–77.

Todd, Jessica, Paul Winters and Guy Stecklov. (2011) “Evaluating the Impact of the Poverty-Reduction Programs on Fertility: The Case of the Red de Protección Social in Nicaragua.” Journal of Population Economics 25(1): 267-290.

Cavatassi, Romina, Mario Gonzalez , Paul Winters, Jorge Andrade, Patricio Espinosa  and Graham Thiele. (2011) “Linking Smallholders to the New Agricultural Economy: An Evaluation of the Plataformas Program in Ecuador.” Journal of Development Studies 47(10): 1545-1573.

Zezza , Alberto, Paul Winters, Benjamin Davis, Gero Carletto, Katia Covarrubias, Luca Tasciotti and Esteban Quiñones. (2011) “Rural Household Access to Assets and Agrarian Institutions: A Cross Country Comparison.” European Journal of Development Research 23(4): 569-597.

Winters, Paul, Alessandro Maffioli and Lina Salazar. (2011) “Evaluating the Impact of Agricultural Projects in Developing Countries: Introduction to the Special Feature” Journal of Agricultural Economics 62(2): 393-402.

Cavatassi, Romina, Mario Gonzalez, Lina Salazar and Paul Winters. (2011) “Do Agricultural Projects Alter Crop Production Technologies? Evidence from Ecuador.” Journal of Agricultural Economics 62(2): 403-428.

Winters, Paul and Vera Chiodi (2011) “Oportunidades, Human Capital Investment and Long-term Poverty Reduction in Rural Mexico.” Journal of International Development 23(4): 515–538.

Todd, Jessica and Paul Winters (2011) “The Effect of Early Interventions in Health and Nutrition on On-time School Enrollment: Evidence from the Oportunidades Program in Rural Mexico.” Economic Development and Cultural Change 59(3): 549-581.

Zezza, Alberto, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis and Paul Winters. (2011) “Assessing the Impact of Migration on Nutrition.” Food Policy 36(1): 1-6.

Karamba, Wendy, Esteban J. Quiñones and Paul Winters. (2011) “Migration and nutrition in Ghana.” Food Policy 36(1): 41-53.

Nguyen, Minh and Paul Winters. (2011) “The impact of migration on nutrition: the case of Vietnam.” Food Policy 36(1): 71-87.


Work In Progress

Oseni, Gbemisola, Paul Corral, Markus Goldstein and Paul Winters. “Explaining Gender Differentials in Agricultural Production in Nigeria.”

Karamba, R. Wendy and Paul Winters. “Gender and Agricultural Productivity: Implications of the Farm Input Subsidy Program in Malawi.”

Carletto, Calogero, Sydney Gourlay and Paul Winters. “From Guesstimates to GPStimates: Land Area Measurement and Implications for Agricultural Analysis.”

Henderson, Heath, Leonardo Corral, Eric Siminig and Paul Winters. “Land Accumulation Dynamics in Developing Country Agriculture.”

Kilic, Talip, Edward Whitney and Paul Winters. “Evaluating the Targeting Performance of the Malawi Farmer Input Subsidy Program.”

Romeo, Alessandro, Benjamin Davis, Solomon Asfaw and Paul Winters. “Cash Transfers, Agriculture and Child Nutritional Status: Evidence from Malawi.”

Karamba, R. Wendy and Paul Winters. “Agricultural Input Subsidies and Child Nutrition in Rural Malawi.”

Soares, Fernanda, Guy Stecklov and Paul Winters. “Household composition and the extreme poor in Sub-Saharan Africa.”