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Graphic Design | Student Gallery Slideshow 2

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Student Gallery Index

Main Page/Slideshow Gallery 1

Eric Roden, Advertisement
Texas Finance Festival

Eric Roden, Book Jacket
The Red Badge of Courage

Jessica Taich, Book Jacket
Madame Bovary

Shea Cadrin, Editorial Design
Omni 01 & 02 (two images)

Tanya Elshahawi, Editorial Design
Shift 01-04 (four images)

Video Gallery

Allison Gafney, Kinetic Graphics
Smith Island Cake Interstitial (video)

Slideshow Gallery 2

Eric Jacobsen, Editorial Design
Mindlounge, page 11

Elisabeth Ray, Editorial Design
Colophon TOC

Sarah Olin, Poster Design
Vice & Virtue

Reese Vaccarezza, Photo-Typography
Alphabet Poster

Jessica Ray, Packaging