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Greenberg Theatre | Facilities & Rentals Overview


Greenberg Box Office
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016
Greenberg Theatre seating and stage

Greenberg Facilities

Theatre seats 296 and includes professional quality film-screening, audio, lighting, set-making, and costuming capacity


Please also see Facility and Technical Details.

Greenberg Theatre seats 296 (see Seating Chart) and features professional quality amenities, including:

  • audio-video, lighting, and film-screening equipment
  • production staff, orchestra pit, set-making, and costuming capacity
  • PA-equipped dressing rooms, green room, and backstage
  • box office with ticket sales via window, phone, and internet

Policies, Forms, and Rates

Please review our rental information, rates, and policies below, all in PDF format. Please note that for alcohol to be seved at events a formal request process must be followed as specified in the AU Alcohol Policy form (see below).