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History | Nuclear Studies Institute

Welcome to the home of the American University Nuclear Studies Institute. Founded in 1995, the Institute is dedicated to educating the public about crucial aspects of nuclear history. To that end, the Institute offers a summer program consisting of two classes at American University plus a third class—a study abroad trip to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Kyoto. As part of its mission, the Institute is participating in the Nuclear Education Project, which is a worldwide effort to improve access to teaching and learning materials regarding the history of the nuclear arms race, from the dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to current efforts to curb the spread of nuclear weapons.

We will be posting a variety of materials pertaining to the development and effects of nuclear weaponry, including information about the devastation wrought by past use of nuclear weapons. The Institute hopes this site will become a useful resource for all those seeking information—teachers, students, activists, politicians, citizens—while also providing an open forum for discussion.


Peter J Kuznick, Director

Vincent Intondi, Director of Research

Eric Singer, Assistant Director of Research

Allen Pietrobon, Assistant Director of Research

For information on volunteer and internship opportunities with the Nuclear Studies Institute, please contact Professor Peter Kuznick at:


Phone: 202-885-2408

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