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Wecyling Our Connections

By Ben Grafe

Wecycling poster

“Tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine.”

That, says Caleen Jennings, a professor in the College’s Department of Performing Arts and director of Wecycling, is the driving philosophy behind the new “improv” play being presented February 21–23 and March 1–2 at the Katzen Arts Center Studio Theatre.

Wecycling is not only a play that presents a story to the audience, but a unique experience that allows audience members to share their own stories as well.

Cast member Matt Meyers, a freshman theatre major from Englewood, New Jersey, says, “It is like nothing I have ever done before. Not only am I acting but also performing music, and I have earned a writing credit.” The performance itself is unique to the stories of the diverse cast, which has spent the past month drawing upon their talents, not only in acting, but in visual art and music as well.

“It is collaboration among artists on themes of how we are connected to each other, to the cycles of the earth, and the cycles of time,” Jennings says.

The connection to the earth within the story illustrates an important message—we think about the way we cycle through resources in an attempt to be stewards to the earth and maintain it for future generations.

“It is a relatable show; anyone who goes will have something that will speak to them,” says Gianna Rapp, a freshman cast member from Brooklyn, New York. “It covers everyday issues, good and bad, celebrating and mourning, life and death.”

The play evokes Wendell Berry’s The Wheel as it looks closely at the endless cycle we go through in life and how we connect our lives back to the earth. Audiences can expect to be sharing in a collective experience and have a chance to participate directly.