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MA Literature | Thesis Titles

Thesis Titles

The following are a sampling of past thesis titles:

“Closing the curtain: The end of racial performance in Passing and Sent For You Yesterday” by Khalila C. Brown, 2005, 41 pages 

“Wicked Withces and Worldly Women: Gender, Power and Magic in Medieval Literature” by Melissa Castle “Wordsworth and Social Class” by Adair Collins, 2009, 63 pages

“Botte for I am a woman': Julian of Norwich, medieval Jewish mysticism, and the evolution of the divine feminine” by Rachel B. Edlow, 2005, 59 pages

“The sexual sublime: The revision of love in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights” by Rachel C. Metalin, 2005, 57 pages 

“The mirror of simulation in Denys Arcand's Jesus of Montreal” by Robert J. Roy, 2006, 41 pages  

“Not just a ‘rather nasty experience’: Loss and longing in modern young adult fantasy”by Lauren Alise Schultz, 2009, 75 pages

“Against Occupancy: Martha Quest's Multiple Forms of Resistance in Doris Lessing's Children of Violence.” by Brea Thomas

“United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child's impact on Ethiopian street children's access to basic education” by Lori Wallace, 2005, 125 pages