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May 8 through June 6, 2010

Programmed by emerging curators in AU's Arts Management program, “inSPIRATion” is 15 inspirational shows in one, from graffiti art and spoken word, to vanishing photography and junk-clock sculpture.

Through a broad range of media and expression, the exhibition explores the origins—and destinations—of inspiration. Please visit the inSPIRATion Facebook page for more information on the artists and curators.



Bridget Sue Lambert, Believe It Will Happen, 2010.

Randall Cleaver, Carousel of Time, 2001.

Jonathan Talbot, Neosuprematist, 2009.

Sumita Kim, Flower 1, 2008.


inSPIRATion on Facebook

Celebrating inSPIRATION
Anne Lacy examines the curatorship behind the exhibition

There and Gone: One Hour Photo
Review of photography installation in the inSPIRATion show