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EPGA Alumni Profiles


Philosophy / Religion
Fax: 202-885-1094
Battelle Tompkins, Room 120

Rivas, Flor I
Senior Administrative Assistant

Philosophy / Religion
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-8056

Name: Rebecca Novick, SIS/MA '12
Concentration: Business and Peace
Favorite Thing about EPGA: Working as Human Rights Fellow with Professor Mertus
Current Employment: Grants and Contracts Specialist at Alliant International University
Future Plans: Continue to work in grants and contracts/research administration, but mostly enjoy sunny San Diego!

Name: Amelia Frank-Vitale, SIS/MA '11
Favorite Thing about EPGA: I really appreciated the flexibility of the program and the enthusiastic support of the faculty to adapt to and encourage my own research interests.
Current Employment: Fellow with the Institute of Current World Affairs
Future Plans: I’ll be starting a PhD in Anthropology at the University of Michigan, fall 2014

Name: Luciana Storelli – Castro, SIS/MA '12
Concentration: Transitional justice and reconciliation
Favorite Thing about EPGA: The interdisciplinary nature of the program, the faculty, and studying in Washington D.C.
Current Employment: Graduate student at the University of Bradford, United Kingdom
Future Plans: Doctorate studies in political theory with the eventual aim of becoming a scholar-activist.

Name: Michael Anton Repas, SIS/MA '11
Concentration: Ethics of International Development
Favorite Thing about EPGA: The way people’s eyes light up with envy and interest at the carefully-tailored nature of my master’s education from AU to my exact interests and passions.
Current Employment: Final semester at Yale Divinity School, towards a Master of Divinity
Future Plans: Pursue employment doing a sort of ethical chaplaincy for the pracitioners of international development work, thus employing both the secular training I received at AU and the religious training from Yale – potentially at the US Department of State or USAID

Name: Matt Fuller, SIS/MA 11
Concentration: Peace and Conflict Resolution
Favorite Thing about EPGA: The people.
Current Employment: Research Consultant at Pew Trusts
Future Plans: Working abroad on Reconciliation issues

Name: Leslie Butterfield, SIS/MA '11
Concentration: Human Rights and Conflict Resolution
Favorite Thing about EPGA: The sense of community and family we developed over the two years together, I also really enjoyed the class readings.
Current Employment: Self-employed, I teach mindfulness to children and adults via online video messaging. You can check out my website at and maybe sign up for a course!
Future Plans: I plan to keep growing my mindfulness teaching program. I’ll also be taking a yearlong course in mindfulness teacher training starting this spring.

Name: Ines Cenatiempo, SIS/MA '12
Concentration: International Law & Human Rights/Social Justice
Favorite Thing about EPGA: My classmates! The program was small enough that we all got to know each other very well, and became fast friends.
Current Employment: White Collar Crime Case Manager at Department of Justice in New Haven, CT.
Future Plans: I am hoping to work at Citizenship & Immigration Services (within the Dept. of Homeland Security) as an Asylum Officer, which would entail adjudicating asylum claims.

Name: Nick Logler, SIS/MA '11
Concentration: Ethics of Development
Favorite Thing about EPGA: It’s interdisciplinary. There isn’t another advanced degree program in the country (that I am aware of) that attempts to connect the study of international affairs and global politics with philosophy and ethics.
Current Employment: Technical Director and Lead Instructor at FabNewport
Future Plans: PhD program, potentially PhD/JD dual program.

Degree Requirements

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