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Philosophy & Religion | Bishop Hurst Lecture Series

45th Annual Bishop Hurst Lecture
Spring 2004 Brochure

This year's lecture entitled "Living Without a Canopy of Ultimate Explanation" was given by Dr. John J. McDermott, University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Texas A & M University, on Friday, April 16, 2004 in the Butler Board Room, 3:45-5:45.

Dr. John J. McDermott is University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Texas A&M University and the General Editor of The Correspondence of William James, a twelve-volume project published by the University of Virginia Press. Since 1992, this project, operating under the auspices of the American Council of Learned Societies, has received over $1,400,000 in support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Andrew Mellon Foundation, and other sources.

Professor McDermott is also the author of The Culture of Experience: Philosophical Essays in the American Grain (NewYork: New York University Press, 1976), Streams of Experience: Reflections on the History and Philosophy of American Culture (Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1986), and many other books and articles.

Dr. McDermott received his Ph.D. from Fordham University. His areas of specialization are classical American philosophy, philosophy of culture, and philosophy of medicine. Learn more about him at