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Physics | Recent Alums

Johanna Teske

Johanna Teske (BS physics '08) moved on to an astrophysics graduate program at the University of Arizona supported by a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship after an undergraduate careerthat included four diverse internships spanning photon behavior around black holes, merging galaxies and star formation, the chemistry of dying stars, and the first stages of planetary formation around young stars. Learn more

Amit Kapadia, American University physics alum

After graduation, Amit Kapadia (BS physics and math '07) worked on astronomy image processing and science outreach at the European Southern Observatory in Munich, Germany, and the Spitzer Science Center at Caltech before starting graduate school in Applied Mathematics at Florida State University. See more in Catalyst.

American University physics alum Greg Hutton

Greg Hutton (BS physics and math '07) got a job as an analyst tracking down waste and corruption in government agencies despite having no course work in business or management because his employers were impressed with his undergraduate research experience and his analytical and mathematical training. See more in Catalyst.

American Unniversity physics alum Ed Fairfield

Physics can prepare students for graduate work in engineering or other applied fields. For example, Ed Fairfield (BS physics '06) is enrolled in architecture graduate school at the University of New Mexico where he can combine his passions for science and design. Other recent students have gone on to study electrical, aeronautical, mechanical, and systems engineering.