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Psychology | Clinical PhD Program

Clinical Psychology PhD Program

Kathleen C. Gunthert, PhD, Director of Clinical Training

The Clinical Psychology PhD Program is committed to educating students in clinical science, with rigorous training in both research and applied clinical work. Fully accredited by the American Psychological Association Committee on Accreditation (CoA) since 1972, the doctoral program reflects the scientist-practitioner model of training. We provide students with the skills to pursue careers in academics, research, and clinical practice.

The clinical psychology faculty maintain productive research labs and mentor graduate students in research design and methodology. Faculty supervise clinical psychology PhD students on a broad range of topics, with a particular emphasis on cognitive behavioral theory, processes, and treatment. Specific areas of faculty interest include affective and motivational processes in depression, anxiety disorders, stress and emotion regulation, African-American issues, eating disorders, trichotillomania, cognitive assessment and therapy, smoking, Borderline Personality Disorder, drug expectancies, child clinical issues, sports psychology, and human services program evaluation. Faculty research programs offer a mix of applied and basic research opportunities. 

Cost and Benefits: A PhD Student’s Research


 A clinical psychology PhD candidate, Sarah Hornack is also a researcher at AU’s Program Evaluation Research Lab (PERL). Her focus in on intensive, in-patient substance abuse programs, specifically gender-sensitive programs that address the needs of women.

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Everyday Mindfulness

AU Psychology alumna Lisa Carlin

 “Here and Now.” If Lisa Carlin, PhD ‘13 had a mantra, this might be the one for her. Her research and life’s work has been focused around mindfulness, the idea that we can experience the world for what it is without trying to change it.

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Clinical Program Growth

Photo: Psychology professor Kate Gunthert and student Sue Wenze recently explored the ways depression and anxiety affect focalism.

The reputation of the clinical program is continuing to grow with AU's high achieving students.

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