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Full-Time Faculty Research Interests

Anthony H. Ahrens, PhD
Gratitude, mindfulness and fear of emotion

Nicole Caporino, PhD
Improving access to and outcomes of cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder in youth.

Michele M. Carter, PhD, Director, Psychology MA program
Anxiety disorders, African-American issues, cognitive therapy, depression

Terry Davidson, PhD, Director, Center for Behavioral Neuroscience
Neural basis of learning and memory; biological and associative controls of energy and body weight regulation.

Laura Duval, PhD
Social cognition, stereotyping and prejudice, media violence.

*Noemí Enchautegui-de-Jesús, PhD
Impact of stressors on family processes

Bryan D. Fantie, PhD
Human neuropsychology, behavioral & cognitive neuroscience, brain dysfunction, cognition, emotion, head injury, behavioral genetics

Maria Gomez-Serrano, PhD
Neuroscience, basic physiology, immunoreactivity, epigenetic factors in drug abuse, maternal behavior in drug use and abuse

*James J. Gray, PhD
Eating disorders, OCD, trichotillomania, cognitive behavior therapy, psychology of religion

Kathleen C. Gunthert, PhD
Stress and coping, depression, cognitive therapy, body image, anxiety

David A.F. Haaga, PhD
Cigarette smoking, depression, trichotillomania, assessment

Erica A. Hart, Ph.D.
Implicit biases and other nonconscious processes, body image, cross-cultural issues.

Nathaniel Herr, Ph.D.
Interpersonal functioning, emotion regulation, and identity disturbance among individuals with borderline personality disorder and related affective problems.

Laura M. Juliano, PhD
Smoking, caffeine, drug expectancies, placebo effects, anxiety

David N. Kearns, PhD
Learning, conditioned inhibition, stimulus control, drug self-administration

Scott Parker, PhD

Psychophysics and related areas

Zehra Peynircioglu, PhD
Human memory and metamemory, cognition in general

Anthony L. Riley, PhD
Psychopharmacology, prenatal drug effects, drug addiction and abuse, drug interactions, taste aversions

Arthur G. Shapiro, PhD

Visual perception and cognitive neuroscience

Alan M. Silberberg, PhD
Learning theory and choice behavior, behavioral economics

Catherine Stoodley PhD
Neuroscience of cognitive development, the role of the cerebellum in learning and skill acquisition

*Jonathan Tubman, PhD

Health risk behaviors among adolescents in treatment for substance abuse problems; brief motivational interventions for reducing sexual risk behavior and related risk behaviors.

Stanley J. Weiss, PhD, Professor Emeritus
Classical and operant conditioning, motivation, stimulus control, behavior and pharmacology

*Carol S. Weissbrod, PhD, Professor Emerita
Developmental-social, emotional behavior, child clinical issues, sports psychology

Brian T. Yates, PhD
Program evaluation (cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analyses) applied to almost any human service system (e.g., substance abuse treatment, supported housing, paraprofessional and consumer operated services)

* *Drs. James Gray, Jonathan Tubman, and Noemi Enchautegui-deJesus will not be accepting a new doctoral clinical student for the 2018-2019 academic year.