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Psychology | Human Memory & Cognition Lab

We are graduate students (in the BCAN PhD and Masters programs), undergraduate students (doing independent study or honors projects or other research for experience and fun), and occasionally, post-docs and bright high school interns from local high schools, all working with Dr. P (Zehra Peynircioglu).

We are interested in exploring all intriguing phenomena related to memory and cognition. Some of the current projects we are working on involve:

  • Face Recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • Metamemory
  • Music Perception and Cognition
  • Bilingual Cognition
  • Biases in Decision Making
  • Emotion

See below some recent lab members (and see also PhD recipients):

The 2012-2013 Members

  • Joyce Oates (BCAN)
  • Jordan Wyatt (BCAN)
  • Katie Bates (BCAN)
  • Wenyan Bi (BCAN)
  • Juliana Repice (MA)
  • Lennea Bower (MA)
Ali Tekcan , Tim Hohman, Esra Mungan

Reunion of AU Minds: Ali Tekcan (PhD '98), Tim Hohman (PhD '12) and Esra Mungan (PhD '07) at a Psychonomics Conference

Joyce Oates in Psychonomics, November 2010

Joyce Oates in Psychonomics, November 2010