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WCALB | Past Program, 2007

Winter Conference on Animal Learning and Behavior
Winter Park , Colorado
February 3 - 7, 2007

Saturday, February 3, 2007

7:00pm -- Buffet Reception and Social Hour

8:15pm -- Welcome and Introduction to the Conference

Stan Weiss, Convener

Workshop I— Programming Med-PC® (60 min)

Presented by Steven I. Dworkin ( University of North Carolina-Wilmington )

Assisted by Karl R. Zurn & Bridget McM Zurn (MED Associates)

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Federico Sanabria, Chair

The 3Ms of Analysis:

Minding, Mining and Modeling our Data
Peter Killeen
Arizona State University

At least 3 x 1 0 8 key-pecks and orders more lever-presses were recorded last year, most of which played no role in guiding scientific inferences. Minding : We can maximize benefit/cost of experiments only by understanding their purpose, beyond satisfaction of vagrant curiosity; if we don't mind experimenting, our results won't matter. I propose a goal: Maximizing the mutual information between a model and a data set; between the things we record and what we say about them. I briefly describe indices of GoF. Mining : Thar's gold in them thar hills. But thar's more dirt. I describe 3 approaches to extracting more of the gold, each attending to more molecular measures: Delta Plots, Survivor plots, and Real-Time analyses. Each technique brings sequentially more of the data to bear on what we might want to say about it.

6pm -- Elimination, Recovery, Patterning & Distribution of Behavior

Carl Danson, Chair

Acute Stress & Spontaneous Recovery after Extinction of Conditioned Responses. Cody Brooks & Alana Rojewski ( Denison University ) (10 min)

Stimulus-Reinforcer Relations and Recovery of Instrumental Responding After Extinction. Chris. Podlesnik & Tim Shahan ( Utah State University ) (10 min)

Recovery of Sign-Tracking in Rats After Response Elimination Through Negative Contingency Training. Dave Kearns & Stan Weiss ( American University ) (10 min)

Positive and Negative Outcomes and Positive and Negative Patterning. Bill Whitlow ( Rutgers University ) (10 min)

Some Thoughts and Some Data on Delay Discounting and Gambling." Greg Madden, Adam Brewer, Patrick Johnson, & Nathaniel Smith ( University of Kansas ) (10 min)

Operant Behavioral Model for Studying Persistent Orofacial Nociception. Gerald Hill, Larry Bellinger, Robert Spears, Bob Hutchins, Carolyn Kerins & Phillip Kramer ( Baylor College of Dentistry ) (Poster)

Monday, February 5, 2007

4:30pm -- Focus Session

Cody Brooks & Mark Reilly, Chairs

Modeling Data: From Description & Significance to Behavior & Theories

Superstitious Behavior in Pigeons: The Relation of Concepts and Assumptions on Taking and Analyzing Data. Bill Timberlake ( Indiana University ) (15 min)

Making Every Response Count. Jonathon Crystal ( University of Georgia ) (15 min)

The Choose-Short Effect: Changes in Memory for Sample Duration or Disruption of Attention to Samples? Ryan D. Ward & Amy L. Odum ( Utah State University ) (15 min)

A Three-Component Model of Relational Learning in the Transposition Paradigm. Olga F. Lazareva ( University of Iowa ), Michael E. Young (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale ), & E. A. Wasserman ( University of Iowa ) (15 min)

An Induced Two-Factor Model of Stimulus Control. Stan Weiss ( American University ) (25 min)

Conditioned Reinforcement and Quantitative Models of Behavior Allocation and Persistence. Tim Shahan & Chris Podlesnik ( Utah State University ) (15 min)

A Reinforcement Learning Model of Response Timing in Classical Conditioning. Elliot A. Ludvig (University of Alberta), James Neufeld (University of Alberta), E. James Kehoe (University of New South Wales) & Rich Sutton (University of Alberta) (15 min).

Beyond Efficiency: A Model of DRL with Attention, Activity, Timing, and Impulsivity Modules. Federico Sanabria ( Arizona State University ) (15 min)

8:15pm -- Conference Dinner at Fontanot's

TUESDAY, February 6, 2007

4:30pm -- Drugs & Behavior

Amy Odum, Chair

Unresolved Sodium Appetite Enhances Cocaine-Induced Psychomotor Response. Martin Acerbo ( University of Iowa ) (15 min)

Does Methylphenidate Alter Environmental Familiarization? Amanda Struthers & Rick Bevins (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) (10 min)

Where Oh Where Can the Nicotine Place Preference Be. Jamie Wilkinson & Rick Bevins (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) (10 min)

Relative Resistance to Change of Alcohol-maintained Responding of Rats Depends on Disruptor Type. Corina Jimenez-Gomez & Tim Shahan ( Utah State University ) (10 min)

Extinction/Reinstatement Paradigms as Models of Cocaine-Seeking. Tim Koeltzow ( Bradley University ) (10 min)

Bupropion as a Smoking Cessation Aid: A Novel Account for the Clinical Success and Pre-clinical Confusion. Matt Palmatier, Kara Mays, Kasia Bak, Xiu Liu, Tony Caggiula, Eric Donny, & Alan Sved ( University of Pittsburgh ) (10 min)

6pm --Carry in Dinner Compliments of Karl Zern (Med Associates)

6:45pm -- Workshop 2 —Drug Self-Administration (90 min)

Presented by Steven I. Dworkin ( University of North Carolina-Wilmington )

Assisted by Karl R. Zurn & Bridget McM Zurn (MED Associates)

End 8:15pm

Wednesday, February 7, 2007 -- Check out time is 10am

2007 WCALB Organizing Committee
Stan Weiss, Convener & Program
Rick Bevins, Program
Cody Brooks, Focus Session
Mark Reilly, Focus Session
?Bill Timberlake, Program

Five minutes will be added to the presentation times indicated for questions and discussion

WCALB 2007 Participants
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