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WCALB | Past Program, 2011

Winter Conference on Animal Learning and Behavior
Winter Park, Colorado
January 29 through February 2, 2011


Saturday, January 29, 2011

7:30 Buffet Reception
Snowblaze Building B, Unit 34

All paper sessions are in the Conference Room on the second floor of Snowblaze. The Conference Room will open a half-hour before a session is scheduled to begin for those who want to arrive early and "mingle."


Sunday, January 31, 2011



Kevin Myers, Chair

Bi-directional Links Between Obesity and Learning and Memory Dysfunction

Terry Davidson

Purdue University

Abstract: Traditionally, investigators have viewed the problems of overeating and obesity, on one hand, and cognitive disorder on the other, as involving dissimilar etiologies that target different underlying behavioral and biological functions which rely on distinct brain structures and circuits. However, evidence is emerging that obesity and cognitive impairment are causally-intertwined. Integrating recent neuroanatomical, physiological, and behavioral findings, this talk will describe how dietary factors may promote obesity by interfering with negative occasion setting a learning and memory process that may be critically involved with inhibiting conditioned appetitive and consummatory behaviors.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Experience Modulates Reward: Acquired Controls of Appetites
For Food and Drugs

5:15 Focus Session I
Susie Swithers, Chair

Fatty Acids, Insulin Signaling and Hippocampal Learning. Debbie Clegg (University of Texas-Southwestern) (20 min)

Relearning the Basics: Intero- and Exteroceptive Cues following Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss. Stephen Benoit (University of Cincinnati) (20 min)

Can a Theory of 'Incentive Relativity' Account for Motivational Deficits in Obesity? Andrea Tracy (Grinnell College) (20 min)

Appetitive-Aversive Interactions and Appetite. Stan Weiss, Richard Weissman & Dave Kearns (American University) (25 min)


Monday, February 1, 2011

4:15 Focus Session II
Amy Odum, Chair

Memories of Recent Eating and Appetite. Suzanne Higgs (University of Birmingham, UK) (15 min)

Learning and Controls of Meal Size in Humans. Jeff Brunstrom (University of Bristol, UK) (20 min)

Factors Influencing the Develoent of Children's Flavor Preferences. Catherine Forestell (College of William & Mary) (20 min)

Cue Exposure Treatment for Overeating in Overweight and Obese Children. Kerri Boutelle (University of California-San Diego) (20 min)

Ten-Minute Break

Associative Learning Mechanisms Underpinning Stimulus Control of Human Drug Seeking. Lee Hogarth (University of Nottingham, UK) (20 min)

Learning Involving the Nicotine State. Rick Bevins (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) (20 min)

Influence of Taste Cues and Calories on Energy Balance in Rats. Susie Swithers (Purdue University) (20 min)


8:15 Conference Dinner at Fontanot's


TUESDAY, February 1, 2011

4:30 Learning: Flavor Nutrient, Delay Discounting, Recency and Reversal Effects
Rick Bevins, Chair

Palatability and Preference: What's Really 'Resistant to Extinction' in Flavor-Nutrient Learning? Kevin Myers (Bucknell University) (15 min)

Recency Effects on Response Preference, Renewal and Resurgence Within a Food Reinforced Functional Response Class. Jennifer Sobie (University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana) (15 min)

Develoent of an Experiential Delay Discounting Task for Young Children. Amy L. Odum, Kerry Jordan, Gregory J. Madden, Katrina Rodzon & Meredith S. Berry (Utah State University) (15 min)

Acquisition of a Mid-Session Reversal Learning Task by Pigeons and Rats. Jessica Stagner (University of Kentucky) (15 min)

Cocaine Self-Administration: Revisiting Criteria for Acquisition. Bruce H. Mandt & Richard M. Allen (University of Colorado-Denver) (Poster will be on display Monday & Tuesday).

Ten-Minute Break


6:00 Discussion: Current Status and Future Directions in the Investigation of How Experience Modulates Reward
Terry Davidson, Facilitator

Stephen Benoit, Rick Bevins, Kerri Boutelle, Jeff Brunstrom, Debbie Clegg, Catherine Forestell, Lee Hogarth, Suzanne Higgs, Kevin Myers, Susie Swithers, Andrea Tracy and Stan Weiss with participation by all conference participants encouraged.


Wednesday, February 3, 2011

Check out time is 10 am


WCALB Organizing Committee

Stan Weiss, Convener & Program
Rick Bevins
Cody Brooks
Terry Davidson, Focus Session
Kevin Myers, Program & Focus Session
Mark Reilly
Bill Timberlake


WCALB 2011 Participants

Richard Allen <>
Melinda Beane <>
Stephen Benoit <>
Rick Bevins <>
Kerri Boutelle <>
Jeff Brunstrom <>
Deborah Clegg <>
Terry Davidson <>
Catherine Forestell <>
Suzanne Higgs <>
Lee Hogarth <>
Kerry Jordan <>
Kevin Myers <>
Bruce Mandt <>
Amy Odum <>
Jennifer Sobie
Jessica Stagner <>
Susie Swithers <>
Andrea Tracy <>
Stan Weiss <>

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