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Sociology | MA Student Profiles

Erik Kojola

My research interests revolve around labor, social movements, and the environment. More specifically, I am interested in relationships between global economic and ecological systems and how environmental, economic, and social conditions shape attitudes and activism around the environment. My master’s thesis investigates the environmental attitudes of union members to see if people in union households have different levels of environmental concern than those in non-union households given changing political-economic contexts and labor-environment relations. This has implications for union-environmentalist coalitions and the potential for shared values between rank and file members of the two movements. My research also explores how assumptions about jobs versus the environment and divisions between unions and environmental groups are constructed and the ideological implications of these divisions.

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Rebekah Israel

My main research interests include race, class, and gender disparities in health and education. My thesis examines the construction of Black womanhood in introductory sociology textbooks. Currently, I am one of the leaders for the AU Alternative Break trip to South Africa which is focusing on Gender Equality, Youth Empowerment and HIV/AIDS. In Spring 2012, I led the Alt Break to Haiti. In addition, I am the research project coordinator, and qualitative interviewer of a research study led by Dr. Maria De Jesus (SIS) on perceptions of HIV and HIV testing among African American and East African- born women in D.C. After graduation, I plan on applying to PhD programs in sociology.