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TESOL | Working Papers

Number 3, June 2005

American University's TESOL Program is proud to issue the third volume of its AU TESOL Working Papers. This publication showcases research by members of our programs.

We hope you enjoy this window on the AU TESOL community's endeavors. Let us know ( how this series can help you in your own intellectual and pedagogical pursuits.

Editor: Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas


Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas, Editor's Introduction to AU TESOL Working Papers Special Edition 

Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas, Elise Couper, and Bryan Woerner, “Theoretical Underpinnings of Effective Grammar Instruction”

Elise Couper, “What Did She Say? Reported Speech with Tense Shift”

Emily Evans and Jo-Anne Saxe, “Yes/No Questions: Helping Someone Make a Decision”

Katie Leite, “Tag Questions to Show Concern/ to Empathize,” “Comparatives without “than”: Giving Suggestions”

Tiffany Shao,“Comparatives without than. Giving Advice to Someone When Shopping”

Judith Yancey, “Any or Some? Quantifying Count and Non-Count Nouns in Yes/No Questions Regarding Cleaning Supplies in the Workplace”

Bryan Woerner, “Present Progressive with Future Meaning to Make Polite Refusals”