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CLALS Working Paper Series

The CLALS Working Paper Series is intended to provide an opportunity for the timely presentation of ongoing research and scholarship that bridges and catalyzes dialogue between scholarly, policy, and practitioner communities. Contributors to the CLALS Working Paper Series can include CLALS faculty affiliates, research fellows, and partners from beyond AU engaged in ongoing Center projects. 

All CLALS working papers are available for download through the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), where they are incorporated into subject-classified eJournals and widely circulated throughout the scholarly community. SSRN's eJournals currently reach over 400,000 people in approximately 140 different countries. SSRN has been named the Number 1 Open Access Repository in the World by the Ranking Web of World Repositories.

Titles in the series:

No. 8, Violence and Community Capabilities: Insights for Building Safe and Inclusive Cities in Central America
Eric Hershberg, Juan Pablo Pérez Sáinz, Larissa Brioso, Rodolfo Calderón Umaña, Margarita Montoya, Karla Salazar, Mario Zetino, and Daniel E. Esser
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No. 7, Unaccompanied Migrant Children from Central America: Context, Causes, and Responses
Dennis Stinchcomb and Eric Hershberg
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No. 6, Transportistas y lavadores: El control territorial como argumento de poder en El Salvador
Héctor Silva Ávalos
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No. 5, Groundwork for Inclusive Development: Responses to Emergent Challenges in Latin American and Caribbean Economies
Alejandro Foxley
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No. 4, Corruption in El Salvador: Politicians, Police, and Transportistas
Héctor Silva Ávalos
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No. 3, Las iglesias ante las violencias en Latinoamérica: Modelos y experiencias de paz en contextos de conflicto y violencia
Claudia Dary Fuentes
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No. 2, Central American Migrants in Mexico: Implications for U.S. Security and Immigration Policy
Amelia Frank-Vitale
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No. 1, The El Salvador Gang Truce and the Church: What was the role of the Catholic Church?
Steven Dudley
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