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The photo of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Cuban President Raul Castro and FARC leader Rodrigo (Timochenko) Londoño Echeverri at the signing of a preliminary peace agreement is from the Cuban government and is in the public domain.

Pulso Latino/Latin Pulse

As the Latino population in the U.S. continues to grow, there is increasing demand for in-depth analysis of current events in Latin America. Partnering with the media non-profit, Link TV, CLALS supports a 30-minute podcast that analyzes news and public affairs in Latin America and hosts regional experts to offer critical commentary. Based at Webster University in St. Louis, the Latin Pulse podcast reaches more than 130,000 online subscribers weekly.

The program's executive producer and host is Rick Rockwell, a journalist with 35 years of experience covering the region. Through Latin Pulse, Rockwell and his team highlight significant news from the region and explore topical issues through substantive but fast-paced interviews with leading intellects from around the world. CLALS assists in the recruitment of experts for the program, drawing on more than 70 Affiliated Faculty at American University as well as researchers and practitioners who take part in two dozen projects that operate under Center auspices. Current and recent programs may be downloaded from this page. For a complete archive of Latin Pulse episodes, please visit Link TViTunes, and SoundCloud.

Current Episode - Special Edition of Latin Pulse

This special edition of Latin Pulse includes an opportunity to hear a Cuban perspective on politics and diplomacy, along with an analysis of what derailed the peace process in Colombia. A Cuban professor discusses the importance of continued exchanges between the United States and Cuba, while analyzing reactions to U.S. programs designed at political change and Cuban succession. The program also discusses the rejection of the peace treaty with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The news segment covers doubts about the sincerity of Venezuela's president during the papal negotiations to end the country's political crisis and avert violence.

Santiago Pérez Benitez of the University of Havana & the Center for International Political Research (CIPI); and 

Adam Isacson of the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA). 

Executive Producer: Rick Rockwell 

Associate Producer: Jim Singer.

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