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2011 AFTC Session Descriptions

9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Sessions:

101: Academic Research and Writing Across Disciplines

102: Are Class Discussions More Effective Than a Lecture?

103: Bringing Media Projects Into a Non-Media Course

104: Enhanced Learning Through Collaborating With Your Students

105: Grading Class Participation: Using a Rubric, Not an Impression

106: Responding to Student Disclosures of Sexual Victimization

107: Social Media in the Classroom: From Distraction to Action

108: Teaching Classes With A Broad Range Of Student Ability

109: Why Is This Student Getting Extended Time? Answer: Hidden Disabilities

110: Introduction to Blackboard 9

11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. Sessions:

201: Changing Demographics of the AU Undergraduate Student Body

202: How to Teach Classes They Don't Want to Take

203: How to Turn Your Class Into a Book

204: Immigration at the Grassroots Level: Using Community-Based Learning to Bring Larger Issues Home

205: On the Right Track: Graduate Students and their Mentors

206: Plagiarism: Dishonesty or Ignorance?

207: Re-Visioning General Education

208: The Google Classroom

209: Understanding the T in GLBTA at AU

210: Advanced Blackboard

2:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. Sessions:

301: Contributions and Challenges of Veteran Students at AU

302: Equitable and Effective Teaching Strategies

303: Evaluating Student Work: Reducing Your Anxiety (and Theirs)

304: Expand Your Digital Skill-Set with iMovie!

305: How the Co-Mentorship of Teachers & Librarians Strengthens Classroom Research Instruction

306: How To Handle Disruptive Student Behavior

307: Inspiring Enthusiasm and Motivation in the Classroom

308: Teaching Real Students in a Virtual Age

309: When Values Clash: Teaching Controversial Issues

310: Introduction to Wimba

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Don't know which sessions to pick?

Here's a tip! If you are interested in the topic...  

  • Teaching outside the classroom,we suggest the sessions 104 and 204
  • Who are our students, and what does it mean for your teaching, we suggest the sessions 108, 201 and 301
  • Issues of diversity in the classroom, we suggest the sessions 109, 209 and 302 
  • Challenges beyond learning, we suggest the sessions 106, 206 and 306
  • Emerging teaching technologies, we suggest the sessions 107, 208 and 308
  • Multimedia, we suggest the sessions 103 and 304
  • Grading, we suggest the sessions 105 and 303
  • Engaging your students, we suggest the sessions 102 and 307
  • Teaching Research, we suggest the sessions 101, 205 and 305
  • CTRL classroom technology workshops, we suggest the sessions 110, 210 and 310