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Emergency Response Team


Once an emergency had occurred and the Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations plan has been activated, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) will oversee the recovery and restoration process that is executed by the response teams. The ERT will fulfill many operational functions during an emergency and is the primary vehicle for implementing and managing the emergency response.


Patricia Kelshian, ERT Leader

(202) 885-3284

David Dower, ERT Member

(202) 885-2731

Vi Ettle, ERT Member

(202) 885-2720

Vin Harkins, ERT Member

(202) 885-3704

Tony Hollinger, ERT Member

(202) 885-2403

Walter Labitzky, ERT Member

(202) 274-4013

Camille Lepre, ERT Member

(202) 885-5953

Chris Moody, ERT Member

(202) 885-3370

Phillip Morse, ERT Member

(202) 885-2549

Beth Muha, ERT Member

(202) 885-2451

Daniel Nichols, ERT Member

(202) 885-2534

Dave Swartz, ERT Member

(202) 885-2612