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Summary of Faculty Senate Meeting, November 1, 2017

President Silvia Burwell addressed the Faculty Senate and asked three questions: 1) What distinguishes AU? (or what should distinguish AU?); 2) What is the one thing that must change?; and 3) What is the one thing that must stay the same? The answers to these questions will inform the next strategic plan. President Burwell indicated that she is interested in effectively engaging with faculty.

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies Jessica Waters presented, and the Senate approved, editorial changes to clarify undergraduate regulations related to cumulative GPA in honors and that GPAs will not be rounded to qualify Latin honors.

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies Jessica Waters and CAS Academic Integrity Code (AIC) Coordinator Alison Thomas presented findings from a campus-wide AIC survey and review. They found inconsistencies with faculty practice across units and hope to develop standard practices across campus. Three senators will serve as liaisons with this effort (Jim Quick, Richard Sha, and Derrick Jefferson).

Vice President for Campus Life Fanta Aw overviewed procedures and policies for potentially controversial speakers on campus.

Rebecca Coughlin presented information about AU Connects, which is a faculty and staff resource for facilitating conversations about sensitive topics.

Dean of Academic Affairs Mary Clark presented data about faculty appointments by rank. Currently, the breakdown by all ranks is 34.25% term, 43.49% tenure-line, and 21.57% adjunct FTE. Senators asked for additional data that DAA Clark will research.

Senate Chair Andrea Pearson reported that in response to a Senate resolution from S2017, that Senate committees are rebalancing their memberships to ensure staggered terms. She and Vice Chair Elizabeth Worden are developing processes for committee accountability.

Provost Scott Bass concluded the meeting with a discussion about ongoing faculty collaboration for the AU 2030 program, co-teaching, and cross-listing courses.