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Payroll - Schedule and Other Important Dates


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Payroll Schedule and Other Important Dates

The American University Payroll Office is dedicated to providing excellent service to all faculty, staff and student employees by posting a payroll schedule of the deadlines that must be met to ensure accurate and timely payments. We also have provided a list of other important dates that are related to payroll, taxes and leave balances.

Monthly Payroll Schedule

Biweekly Payroll Schedule

Adjunct Faculty Schedule

Timesheets and Leave Reports Due Dates

Leave reports should be completed, signed, and authorized by your supervisor by the first working day of each month.

Biweekly timesheets should be completed, signed and authorized by your supervisor on the Monday following the end of the reporting period.

Note: Timesheet and Leave Report due dates may be moved earlier when holidays shorten the payroll processing period. Please verify due dates by reviewing the Payroll Schedules above.

The Payroll Office provides a schedule of due dates for paperwork submission, so that faculty, staff and student empoyees receive accurate and timely payments. These due dates affect original hiring paperwork, updates to processed paperwork and timesheet processing. Please find these schedules above.

Other Important Dates

Here are some additional important dates to keep in mind.

December 31 — You should verify your name, social security number, and address on the payroll processing system to ensure your W-2 information is accurate. If you note any errors let the Payroll office know as soon as possible.

January 31 — Deadline to send W-2 forms to employees.

February 17 — If you wish to claim "Exempt" from Federal and/or State withholding taxes for the current year, you will need to file new tax forms by this date.

March 15 — Deadline to send out all Forms 1042S to Foreign National employees.

April 15 — Income tax returns are due to Federal and State agencies for all employees who have received wages unless you have filed for an extension. Note: Any amounts due must be paid by this date even if you file for an extension.

April 30 — Deadline to use any vacation leave in excess of 15 days.

June 16 — Deadline to file 1040NR if you are a nonresident alien who did not receive wages as an employee subject to U.S. income tax withholding.