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Payroll - Sign Up for Direct Deposit


Payroll Office
Fax: 202-885-1033
New Mexico, Room 350

9:00am to 5:00pm

Payroll Office
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

Starting in February 2012, AU began paying employees electronically with our Green options: Direct Deposit and TotalPay® Card. We have been going paperless as part of our on-going effort to implement sustainable practices.

All employees, including student employees, may deposit their pay to one or more checking, savings, or money market accounts through Direct Deposit.

To Sign up the first time:

The Employee Pay Selection Form is required regardless of the pay option selected, see "Forms" section at right.

You will need to have a bank account and know your account number and routing number. (Where do I find these?)

To sign up online:

Go to HR/Payroll Connection in the portal. This feature is available only to actively hired employees. If you are unable to access HR/Payroll Connection, contact your supervisor or department.

  1. Click on the Payroll tab at the top of the page in HR/Payroll Connection. 
  2. You should now be in the “General” tab, and see a link for Direct Deposit. Click on the link to begin signing up for Direct Deposit. Follow the directions to sign up, and continue through until you receive the message that your information has been submitted to the Payroll Office.
  3. You will receive an e-mail notification telling you when the direct deposit will become effective.

If you have concerns about submitting information electronically, you may contact the Payroll Office at 202-885-3520 to discuss alternatives.

To make Changes to Direct Deposit:

Changes are made online but take time to process. To ensure your change takes effect in the next pay period, check and follow the deadlines listed in the Payroll Schedule.

  1. Go to HR/Payroll Connection in the portal.
  2. Click on the Payroll tab at the top of HR/Payroll Connection. 
  3. You should now be in the “General” tab. Click on the “Change Direct Deposit” button on the right side of the page and follow the instructions.
  4. You will receive an e-mail notification telling you when the direct deposit change will become effective.

On-Campus Banking Service

Capital One Bank is located on campus at Butler Pavilion. Capital One Bank offers AU employees many privileged services. To learn more about the many privileges Capital One Bank offers AU employees, visit the bank branch on campus. To learn more about Capital One Bank  services or products in general, visit its Web site at

You also may use any other financial institution of your choice for Direct Deposit.

Benefits of Direct Deposit

  • It's convenient. You do not have to go to the bank to cash your check.
  • It’s better for the environment. All that paper and ink adds up – in 2010 we printed more than 15,000 paychecks. As part of our ongoing efforts to make AU more sustainable, beginning in 2012 we will move to offering paychecks through Direct Deposit or TotalPayCard® exclusively.
  • It's safe. No more lost, stolen, or misplaced checks.
  • It's quick and reliable. Your money will be available as soon as transfer of funds takes place. Your pay will be deposited even when you are on vacation, sick, or out of town.
  • It's easy. Simply go to the AU portal, follow the instructions above and you will receive an e-mail notification telling you when the direct deposit will become effective.
  • It can help you manage your money. You can have your paycheck deposited directly into more than one account (such as a checking and a savings account).