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Federal Loan Consolidation


For Prospective Students:
Phone: 202-885-6500
Fax: 202-885-1025

For Current or Continuing Students:
Phone: 202-885-8000

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If you have one or more federal loans, you may consolidate them through the Federal Direct Consolidation Loan Program. There are advantages and disadvantages to loan consolidation, so consider your options carefully. For more information or to apply, visit the Direct Consolidation Loans Information Center.

Weighted Average Interest Rate

The interest rate is the weighted average of the interest rates for all loans being consolidated, rounded to the next higher one-eighth of one percent. This rate will not exceed 8.25 percent. To calculate a borrower's weighted average interest rate, use the interactive Direct Consolidation Loan Calculator.

Student borrowers who consolidate education loans before July 1 (when interest rates are expected to change), may lock in a weighted average based on their current interest rate.

Flexible Repayment Options

A Direct Consolidation Loan offers borrowers four convenient and hassle-free ways to repay their loans. These options are flexible to meet the different and changing needs of borrowers. Only Direct Consolidation Loans offer the Income Contingent Payment option.

Financial Aid Deadlines

Early Decision I: FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE: Nov. 15
Early Decision II: FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE: Jan. 15
Regular Decision Freshman: FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE: Jan. 15
Transfer: FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE: May 1
Current (Continuing) AU Students: FAFSA: May 1

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