Students at AU can take advantage of institutional relationships with government agencies and myriad locally based companies and non-profits, and benefit from one-on-one interactions with program faculty, led by Director Lindsay Grace, an internationally exhibited game artist and designer in Critical Gameplay.

MA in Game Design

American University offers the only degree in persuasive play in the United States. The Master of Arts in Game Design is a unique, multidisciplinary 36-credit hour program focused on game design, play theory, and game engagement strategies intended to influence non-game contexts and challenges. The program model stretches students' capacities as designers, developers, consumers, and game administrators. Beyond traditional game design and development, students will learn to tailor play design to meet specific goals in player impact, in their second year under the pressure of external client contracts and demands.

Second-year students work in the Game Lab Studio building a professional portfolio while developing projects for clients. Students who graduate from the program will be poised for the wide set of jobs requiring next-generation media engagement to change people’s interests, activities, and opinions.

Certificate in Game Design

The 18-credit game design certificate program combines game design and game development, merging the strengths of the AU School of Communication and the AU College of Arts and Sciences. It is crafted to develop the intellectual capacity of students as designers, developers, critics, and leaders.