Game Lab Studio

Our designers are experts in the way games can change behavior and expand awareness. We work with our clients to develop games that will engage and influence around a campaign, a concept, or a brand. Whether advocacy or education is your goal, or awareness or research, we can build what you need.

The Studio is part of the AU Game Lab, which serves as a hub for professional education, persuasive play research and practice.

Persuasive play is the application of game design to influence player’s interests, activities, or opinions. This fundamental concept is informed by documented evidence that games serve humanity as a universal means for practicing skills, experimentation and solution finding.

Persuasive play leverages these abilities to convert playful experiences into meaningful ones.

The use of games in non-game contexts has seen a meteoric rise in a wide range of settings recently. As educators seek more effective ways to engage with broader and more diverse populations, games have proven successful. As policy-makers and advocacy groups grapple with increasingly intransigent populations, games have helped players understand alternative perspectives. These uses are supported by a growing population of native digital-citizens who demand more highly evolved means of participation.