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Flu Leave Bank - Frequently Asked Questions

Flu Leave Donation - Frequently Asked Questions    

How does the flu leave bank work?
Staff may donate sick leave using the flu leave donation form. Payroll will track the contributions made. During payroll processing, donated sick leave will be given to the staff member who needs it for their flu-related absences, as indicated by their supervisor on their time sheet/leave report.  

Must annual leave be exhausted before flu leave donations can be used?
No. Staff must exhaust their own sick leave before flu leave donations can be used, but annual leave does not have to be exhausted.  

Who can use the leave bank?
Full-time staff and part-time staff who accrue sick leave are eligible to receive flu leave bank donations. The donated sick leave may be used for absences for staff or family members* who have the flu.  

Who can donate to the flu leave bank?
Any full or part-time staff who accrues sick leave may donate to the bank. There is no limit to the amount of sick leave that may be donated.  

If the leave I donate is not used, will it be returned?
We anticipate that the donated leave will be used as the flu season continues over the academic year. Once leave is donated it will not be returned.  

Can the flu leave bank be used for other absences?
No. This leave bank is to be used only for flu-related absences.  

Do I need to provide a doctor's note for proof of illness?
Generally, we will not require a doctor's note for absences related to the flu.  

If I get sick and then my child gets sick, do I then have to use a different type of leave?
Sick leave can be used for your own flu-related illness and the flu-related illness of an eligible family member.*  

Do I have to apply for FMLA if I get sick with the flu?
If you are absent for more than two weeks consecutively, you may be contacted to apply for FMLA or short-term disability.   

Is there an absolute limit on the amount of sick leave that can be taken?
The amount of the time is dependent on each individual circumstance. If the amount of sick leave exceeds two weeks consecutively, you may be contacted to apply for FMLA or short-term disability benefit.  

If I used all my sick leave, will I have to take leave without pay or short-term disability?
It depends. If you are out for your own flu-related illness for more than two weeks, you will be contacted to apply for short-term disability. Otherwise, you will be paid sick leave from the flu leave bank.  

Will student workers have access to the sick leave bank, and will they get paid if they cannot work because of the flu?
Only students eligible currently for sick leave will be eligible to use the flu leave bank.  

Will work study students need to have a doctor's note if they are out for an extended period of time, and will they be able to make up missed hours?
We will not be requiring a doctor's note from students. Students are be able to make up hours if approved by supervisor/department; however FWS Students cannot work more than 40 hours in any given a week.  

Is the sick leave pool only for HINI or is it for other flu cases?
It is available for all flu cases.  

Can you access the sick leave bank if you have a sick leave balance?
No. The flu leave bank is for individuals with no remaining sick leave.  

Is there a maximum amount of sick leave that may be contributed?
No. Please donate what you feel comfortable.  

How long will liberalizing of leave and the flu leave bank be in effect?
For flu-related illnesses, the policy will remain in effect through academic year 2009-2010.  

As a manager, how will I know what leave is available for a sick employee?
Managers will see that the employee's sick leave absences exceeds sick leave available when signing the timesheet. Managers must write in the comment field that a "flu leave donation is needed."  

How do I submit my leave donation?
Please send the flu leave donation form to payroll through campus mail, fax x1033, or scan and e-mail to  

What number do I call with questions?
Call human resources with questions about flu leave donation at x2591.


*A family member is: 1) a spouse or domestic partner, 2) parents of a spouse, 3) children (including foster children and grandchildren), 4) spouses of children, 5) parents, 6) brothers and sisters, 7) spouses of brothers and sisters, 8) a child for whom the employee permanently assumes and discharges parental responsibility; or 9) a person with whom the employee shares or has shared within the last year a mutual residence and maintains a committed relationship.