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Start At AU

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Start At AU

Start At AU is an onboarding program designed to help new full-time staff acquire the knowledge and skills to quickly become effective in new jobs. The program includes tools and resources for managers to help make the process of integrating new staff easier!

Goals And Why It Is Important

  • Accelerate the acclimation and initial productivity of new full-time staff
  • Support managers of new staff with tools, resources, and programming
  • Increase new staff engagement and commitment to the university, their department, and their professional growth at AU

Program Features

  • Resources and tools to support learning and growth
    • New staff receive information about AU, their department, and other material to help them learn how things are done at AU. For a sneak peek at this helpful resource, click here.
    • A Staff Ambassador Program that provides new staff with support and guidance from a current staff member in their department or team. For more information and to start using the Staff Ambassador program now, contact
    • New Staff Orientation is offered every other Monday
  • New and improved tools and resources for managers
    • Orientation and other checklists, templates, and ideas to help new staff get started on the right foot
  • Programming and events for new staff and the AU community
    • Enculturation to AU and higher education training and workshops
    • Learning and networking events for staff
    • Recognition and celebration of staff in their first year at AU

For more information, please contact the Human Resources Recruitment Team at (202) 885-3563.