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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

What we share across the university is a desire to have an impact—to be change-makers—on the challenging issues facing our nation and world.

Scholar-teachers engaged in the great ideas and issues of our time do not have spare time to surf the web for forms, policies and procedures. We put together this list of resources to save you time and searching. Don't see something? Call our HR desk and we'll find it for you: 202-885-2591

Full-Time Faculty

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Adjunct Faculty

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Colleagues and Students

  • Administration Profiles
  • Faculty Profiles
  • Student Profiles
  • Staff Profiles

Human Resources

Our HR professionals administer your benefits, contract, and pay. We house a lot of benefit and other policies that affect faculty. Start with us, we'll help you out.  

Academic Affairs

  • Faculty Manual
  • Course load information
  • Family and medical leave
  • Leave of absence/leave without pay
  • Research leave
  • Sabbatical leave

Office of the Provost

Transportation Services