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Graduate Student Profile

Daniela Otoya











Graduate Student

MBA 2014, Full-time


Undergraduate Institution: Universidad de los Andes – Bogota, Colombia

Campus Involvement: Graduate Ambassador, Case Competition Finalist, Vice-President Finance GBA (Graduate Business Association)

Current Employer: Part-time Associate at Everis

Kogod Decision Criteria: Small class size, accessibility to staff and faculty, and the flexibility of program/career track.

Kogod Value: The "community" aspect and extracurricular activities are the things that I appreciate most about my Kogod experience. The Kogod faculty is very personal, even if you only have classes with them once a week. They make time to ensure students are getting the most out of their MBA experience.

To me, the Kogod MBA means academic excellence with a different perspective on collaboration. As a student, I find that faculty is readily available to answer questions or help with networking opportunities. The small class size provides opportunities for active participation and interesting debates.

MBA candidates rapidly understand that teams are not only peers who share a common academic goal, but a close network of colleagues who come from a wide array of backgrounds and are always willing to enrich your individual experience that much more.