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Writing and Presenting in Teams

Creating a successful team document or presentation is an essential business skill and one that employers look for.

As soon as you assemble your team, make sure that you share all relevant contact information. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, and Facebook account names.

Teamwork also can be made more productive through the use of collaborative tools. Consider the following free, convenient options to collectively create and edit documents and share feedback:

Google Drive

Google Drive works well for initial project drafts but lacks the formatting options to create a polished final product. It’s a cloud-based service for collaboratively editing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. You will have to create a Google account to take advantage of the service, although you can use your AU Email to log in. Google Drive is both free and very easy to set up.


Perfect for adding the finishing touches to your final draft, Dropbox is another cloud-based service much like Google Drive. The system allows you to link a folder that retains the formatting of any document or presentation among various teammates’ computers.


Creating a Facebook group for your team helps coordinate meeting times and keeps each member up to date on what will happen at those meetings. Successful teams often post the most important meeting notes along with each member’s deliverables for the next meeting. You can also “tag” individual teammates in comments to ask for their input or action.

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