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CITGE | Partnerships

Partnership Goals

When universities and corporations collaborate to exploit the potential of IT, greater progress can be made if each partner worked alone. Something valuable occurs when university faculty and graduate students are challenged to apply their knowledge to solving important, real-world problems. Corporations are outstanding at identifying such problems, making data available, and critiquing ideas and approaches.

University faculty and graduate students can suggest new approaches and solutions and benefit from having their ideas challenged and honed by the detailed knowledge of their corporate partners. CITGE aims at achieving the following goals through the partnership with industry partners, faculty, and students:

  • Assemble a group of corporate partners excited by the potential of academic collaboration for solving important real-world IT problems.
  • Create a sustainable collaborative process through which IT executives and faculty can comfortably and effectively share information, stimulate thinking, and discover knowledge on important global corporate IT issues.
  • Add value to participating IT executives by identifying, prioritizing and researching key issues and by creating and delivering practical principles and guidelines.
  • Support faculty research by participating in data collection and by funding research projects.

Overall Approach to Collaboration  

  • Group meetings for best practice sharing and joint learning
  • Identify and prioritize critical research issues and questions
  • Identify and share expertise
  • Engage faculty and graduate student resources
  • Data collection in partner companies on focused issue studies
  • Develop frameworks and models for understanding important problems
  • Benchmark best practices across partner companies
  • Generate guidelines and principles for future best practices


  • An executive summary of best practice and expertise is shared in group meetings
  • Research reports on focused studies
    • Critical IT issues
    • Description and comparison of current practices
    • Benchmarking and best practices
    • Frameworks/guidelines/models for future best practice
  • Workshops and conferences

Roles and Values

CITGE proposes that corporate partners and faculty researchers play complement roles in collaborative research projects to produce significant knowledge that are valuable for both partners and researchers.

2012 Corporate Partners

The CITGE currently has the following corporate partners (both private and public sectors are welcome to join the research center):

2012 Corporate Partners will be made available shortly.

If you wish to learn more about the corporate partnership with the CITGE, please contact Professor Gwanhoo Lee at

Past Corporate Partners

American Red Cross
Constellation Energy
Department of Homeland Security
Freddie Mac
General Motors Corp.
Marriott International, Inc.
SAP America
Systems and Software Consortium
The World Bank Organization
Aera Energy LLC
Computech, Inc.
Federal Aviation Administration
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Marriott International, Inc.
SAS Software


Corporate Sponsors

- Discovery Communications


- Protiviti

- Raytheon

Corporate Partners

- Greater Washington Board of Trade
- Axon Global Services
- The Association for Corporate Growth

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If you wish to learn more about the corporate partnership with the CITGE, please contact Professor Gwanhoo Lee at